CD Review

Piano compositions of Yuji Takahashi, Boudewijn Buckinx and Christian Wolff.
Thomas Schultz, piano
Wooden Fish Recordings

The three compositions on this CD are all written for Thomas Schultz. It is remarkable how three new compositions created completely independently of each other can form such a coherent and at the same time varied whole. In For Thomas Schultz (Piano 3) written by Yuji Takahashi the performer receives for each of the 7 pages precise instructions on how to realize the score. Schultz recorded two different interpretations. Although they are different, they have in common special attention to an attractive, enchanting play of colors, and an important contribution of the element 'silence'. The Floating World of Boudewijn Buckinx, as the title suggests, oscillates between tranquility and dynamic movement. The harmonious, tonal peacefulness with which this piece begins, seems on the first hearing to come from a world different from the music of Takahashi. However, when listening more attentively, one feels sometimes very close to Takahashi, especially in the more quiet moments and thanks to the sober melodies. Touch (to touch means the same as toccata) by Christian Wolff seems to be a synthesis of the first two compositions. The aleatoric morphology of Takahashi now has been expanded to the dynamics. This gives Schultz the opportunity for an extremely differentiated dynamic interpretation, which follows Buckinx' piece perfectly. This is a very refined interpretation of a tastefully assembled musical bouquet.
Jaak Van Holen

Flemish Journal of the Arts
November, 2006