John Cage - related projects

John Cage - Related Projects

Recordings For Mode Records
To be released 2012
Thomas Schultz, piano

SOLO FOR PIANO from the Concert for Piano and Orchestra
Two Pieces for Piano (1946)
Two Pieces for Piano (1935)

September 14, 2012
New York City

Homage to John Cage

Two Pieces for Piano (1946) John Cage (1912-1992)
Solo for Piano (1957/58) (from the Concert for Piano and Orchestra) John Cage
Winnsboro Cotton Mill Blues (1979) Frederic Rzewski (b. 1938)
One (1987) John Cage
Palais de Mari (1986) Morton Feldman (1926-1987)
Near and Dear (2012) (World Premiere) Hyo-shin Na (b. 1959)
Swinging (1989) John Cage
Dream (1948) John Cage

John Cage - One Hundred Years;  
Concerts and Symposium
October 11, 12, 2012
Campbell Recital Hall,
Stanford University

John Cage - 100 Years Poster   Link
And More

Thomas Schultz and the Wooden Fish Ensemble
Music by John Cage, Morton Feldman, Christian Wolff, Hyo-shin Na, Walter Zimmermann
Panel Discussion with Christian Wolff, Walter Zimmermann, Kathan Brown and Laura Kuhn

Works commissioned by Thomas Schultz
from composers associated with Cage

Christian Wolff  Touch (2002); Long Piano (2005)

Frederic Rzewski The Babble (2003)

Walter Zimmermann  AIMIDE (2001-02)

Works by Cage and Related Composers
in the Active Repertoire of Thomas Schultz

John Cage               
selected Etudes Australes
For MC and DT
Music for Marcel Duchamp
Prelude for Meditation
From Sonatas and Interludes: Gemini Sonatas

Karlheinz Stockhausen   Klavierstück IX; Klavierstück X                                                                                                 
Pierre Boulez   First Sonata
Morton Feldman Palais de Mari

Luigi Nono  …sofferte onde serene

Christian Wolff         
Bread and Roses
Long Piano (Peace March 11)    

Walter Zimmermann    Abgeschiedenheit;  AIMIDE            
Frederic Rzewski      
The People United Will Never Be Defeated                                                         Four Pieces for Piano                                
North American Ballads
Fantasy on Give Peace a 
The Babble

Hochschule der Künste, Berlin
May, 2001
Recital  Piano Music - Cage and Beyond
Cage Dream
Lou Harrison Second Sonata 
Yuji Takahashi   Kwangju, May 1980
Hyo-shin Na    Piano Study 2
Thomas Schultz   Piano Piece

Schoenberg Center, Vienna
May 2001
Recital at the Schoenberg Festival
(Schoenberg’s Influence on American Composers)
Cage Waiting;   selected Etudes Australes
Schoenberg   Six Little Piano Pieces Op.19
Hyo-shin Na  Piano Study 2
Frederic Rzewski   The People United Will Never Be Defeated

Old First Concerts, San Francisco  with Cage in attendance in connection with his work at Crown Point Press,
San Francisco
January 1992

Piano Music of John Cage            
selected Etudes Australes 
Gemini Sonatas (from Sonatas and Interludes)
Music for Marcel Duchamp
Prelude for Meditation
Root of an Unfocus
A Valentine Out of Season
Christian Wolff     Bread and Roses
Frederic Rzewski   Piano Pieces 3 and 4

University of Colorado, Boulder
Spring 1986
Doctoral Thesis
Indeterminacy in John Cage’s Piano Music

California Institute of the Arts
Spring 1977
John Cage residency
Performance of Cage’s Winter Music  
Version for 16 Pianos co-ordinated/supervised by Schultz