Press Notice

Piano Spheres series; Zipper Concert Hall,
Colburn School of Performing Arts, Los Angeles April 19, 2005


Thomas Schultz cuts a tall, imposing figure, and although he can fire the big technical guns at will, he seemed to be most interested in color, in exploiting the massive range of the Fazioli piano in a sympathetic hall. These qualities were immediately put on display in a strikingly characterized performance of Karlheinz Stockhausen's Klavierstück IX. Some notes exploded and were held within an inch of their lives. The upper treble glittered like icicles. Ghostly harmonics emerged in the distance.

He captured the unrelenting driving elements of Rzewski's piece but also produced a variety of colors - particularly the growling bass resonances - that went beyond even the composer's own virtuosic performance on record.

By Richard S. Ginell
The Los Angeles Times